News - Not just for naturists

Not just for naturists

Tanning without this kind of holiday ciuszków that still arouses considerable emotion from us. FKK Beaches are, however, quite well, also at the Polish seaside.
One of them is a beach near Dębek, one of the most beautiful on our coast. It lies near the mouth of the river Piaśnica and continues until Białogóry (episode takes about 9 km).
For Białogóry naturists do the walking, and dressed simply become accustomed to their visits.
The beach in Dabki come families with children. This happens for several reasons. First of all the sand on the beach is fine, soft, clean, and the kids are guaranteed to entertain, and there's a lot of things for them.
The proximity of the forest provides an additional opportunity for an enjoyable holiday. You can get his bike to the beach (you can also rent bikes). In season, enjoy a quite popular personally collected in the forest berries or mushrooms (if someone knows them).
The beach can be reached also by car, but for a place at a nearby parking lot must be wystarać early in the morning.
Anyone who wants to stay here longer can benefit from the campsite. In the same Dębki is a lot of guesthouses and hotels, also suitable for stay of families with young children.



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