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Zakres cen: od 19.00 do 200.00 zł | Oceny 4,63/ 5 - 8 opinii

Bar Pod Strzech±

 ocena 5

8 oceniaj±cych

Nadmorska 3a Street , 84-360, Łeba

Phone: 59 866 10 82

czynne: CAŁY ROK: godz. 9:00 - 23:00

Bar under a thatched roof has a rich dishes and most importantly, each item is worthy of attention. The owners put the homemade food is tasty and healthy.

We especially recommend baked and fried meat and fish, try, and you will feel like a good Polish restaurant. Two dinners will cost about 50 zł (with additives and drinks) as this is the price lebe low.

Another asset is the friendly service and great location - close to the beach.

It is recommended :)

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