Attractions - Slowinski National Park

Slowinski National Park

Slowinski National Park, located in the central part of the coast, is one of the most beautiful in Europe, was inscribed on the UNESCO list.
Established on 1 January 1969 to protect przymorskich lakes, and bogs, meadows and marshes, as well as the shifting sand dunes. Dunes is a unique phenomenon, unusual for Europe.
Dunes are making havoc in nature, often can be observed in the presence of sand covered with trees. Sometimes they disappear beneath the entire expanse of meadows and forests. In another place for it on the surface "escape" for years hidden structures such as buried remains of the village, or old German training ground.
In fact, under each of the dunes something hidden, a mystery, history, legend. The largest of the dunes is a Top Lacko, probably hiding village meadow, filled up in the eighteenth century.
You never know what tourists wandering eyes reveal sand.
However, the Slowinski National Park is not only shifting sand dunes, but most of all nature, unusual, rare and beautiful. Here you can see, among others. plants such as sundews, orchids speckled, and przymorskich lakes over 250 species of birds. Perceptive observers may also see eagles, cranes, owls.
The Park can also visit the lighthouse museum, the Museum of Natural History, use the beaches.
But keep in mind that you can move only as the designated trails.
Designated 12 areas of strict protection, which can not enter, but it is accessible to tourists and so a lot of things, and the changing landscape of every moment makes the place even more interesting.



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