News - What we eat in the Baltics?

What we eat in the Baltics?

  Inherent stay by the sea is a taste the famous "fish". On Internet forums and in the so-called. word of mouth circulate the story where the fish is best, and where to avoid it so as not to trigger a stomach problems.

But if all the fish in the coastal restaurants actually originate from the Baltic?
The most popular are cod, flounder, mackerel, salmon, herring and sprat. Everything would be fine were it not that from 1 July to 31 August in the Polish part of the Baltic cod is prohibited and flounder. Also on our tables get imported fish. Unfortunately, most frozen ... Baltic salmon is a delicacy, which rarely gets to our tables. Unfortunately, we often treat themselves restaurateurs how popular Norwegian salmon.

In the menu you can also find items such as halibut (from the Atlantic Ocean), sole (Black Sea, Mediterranean and North), kargulena (subantarktyczne water).
Also, before we go to a feast for your palate, we find out where they come from fish that we order ...



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